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        About Us
        Contact Download
        Deep Groove Ball Bearings
        Self-aligning Ball Bearings
        Angular Contact Ball Bearings
        Cylindrical Roller Bearings
        Spherical Roller Bearings
        Taper Roller Bearings
        Thrust Ball Bearings
        Combination Bearings
        Linear Motion Bearings
        Special Bearings
        Turbocharger Bearings
        Hub bearings
        Other Bearings
        Harbin Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HRB) is wholly-owned by Harbin Bearing Group Corporation(hereinafter referred to as HRB Group).

        HRB is among the top 3 largest bearing production bases in China bearing industry.
        HRB has over 3 thousand employees, and covers an area of about 960 thousand square meters. HRB possesses 46 hundred sets of major production equipment, and manufactures more than 7 thousand specifications of quality bearings, from inner diameter of 1 millimeter to outer diameter of 2000 millimeters ......

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