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        About Us
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        Deep Groove Ball Bearings
        Self-aligning Ball Bearings
        Angular Contact Ball Bearings
        Cylindrical Roller Bearings
        Spherical Roller Bearings
        Taper Roller Bearings
        Thrust Ball Bearings
        Combination Bearings
        Linear Motion Bearings
        Special Bearings
        Turbocharger Bearings
        Hub bearings
        Other Bearings
        Cylindrical Roller Bearings
        ·Product Description

        This type of bearings is separable. As their rollers linearly come into contact with inner ring and outer ring with less coefficient of friction, these bearings have very good capacity of radial load, suitable for electric motors, automobiles, transmission shafts and so on. Double row Cylindrical roller bearings are good at the spindles of machine tools.


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